Finally! Staging for Typo3!

It’s TYCon3 – the first Typo3 conference ever – and I didn’t go. In fact I’m still miffed that they declined my lecture, but the real reason is that I suffer from a huge workload and actually NEED my weekends…

Fortunately, Kai is there and gives a short report on his blog. The biggest news (for me) was the bit about the Workspaces, which allows to have TWO versions of any content element. The “online workspace” is the one shown on the site, the “offline workspace” is a copy in which an editor can work, without altering the online version. This as one of the most basic things missing in Typo3 so far – from my point of view.


  1. Its even better – you can have more than one workspace. A.e. to have several groups of editors, each with their own “offline wokspace”. And all that without having to create new version – its all done by the system automatically.

  2. So I have one content element, and two editors work in their offline spaces on it. Who wins? Or are there tools to merge them automatically?

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