Blogs missing basic functionality

I had a revelation today! I cycled home from work, and my mind was wandering a bit, and I thought about a few things which happened during the last days. All of a sudden I became aware that TYCon3 is over now and Kai hasn’t blogged anything new about it. And that opened my eyes!

  • What blogs actually do is voicing the opinion of one blogger, and allowing readers to comment on it.
  • What blogs don’t do is allowing readers to comment on future posts!

I would very much like Kai to know that I want more reports on TYCon3. So my options are:

  1. Write an email: works if you know the bloggers address
  2. Send a trackback to the most recent on-topic post: that’s what I did here…
  3. Comment on the most recent on-topic post

What I envision is that I could comment on a future post! I go to the blog, I open the comment form, I give it a topic (in this case for example “TYCon3 summary”), and I write my comment (in this case “Hey, Kai, so what was your overall impression?”). The original blog author only needs to write a post to my comment.

What do you think?


  1. 4. Write a posting in your own blog 🙂

    Maybe the thing you miss is just a contact/feedback form…

    And I will add one – after converting my own blog to the long awaited timtab (TYPO3 blog extension). But looking at my workload this would have to wait some days…

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