Google is down!

Guess this is a “once in a lifetime”. Google is down. Yes, that Google. Seems the name servers are messed up:

[00:52:37 CEST] pmk@mailbert:~$ nslookup
** server can't find NXDOMAIN

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Going ballistic

I came about a couple of sites and plugins which dealt with geographic coordinates, to draw maps of blogs near your location or add the geographic position of commenters. There is even a special META tag to go into the head-section of a site, which lists its coordinates. The name of the tag is ICBM.
Being born in the late Sixties, the abbreviation ICBM gives a strange ring to my ears. In my “youth”, it stood for Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile – and I guess the definition is still valid. Well, considering this, the word Geotargeting makes sense again…

Captain's log, stardate 318346.75

Day two of my journey into the blogosphere (a word which I actually don’t like too much – it just doesn’t sound “right” to me). The response so far has been – Ahem – overwhelming. Apart from (blog-)search-engine spiders – I had only three presumably human visitors so far, including Mark who gained the prize for being the first commenter. But that’s not surprising, since I told nobody about the blog…

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Umm… well…

Well, ok, it was bound to happen. I started a blog too. Yeah, yeah, I can hear your comments now. “Yawn, not ANOTHER one”. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not.
What are my reasons for doing this? I can’t say. Maybe it’s midlife crisis. Maybe it’s showing off. Maybe it’s just curiosity. To see how it works. What evolves. What can be done, and what can’t be done. Maybe it’s just the promise of fun.
I never really looked into blogs until early this year. I heard a lot of hype about them, but just wasn’t interested. But then I came accross Mark Jen, you know, the guy who got fired by Google because of his blog. I followed his blogs and was amazed of the mixture of thoughts and topics.
And a few weeks ago I came across Leah’s Spit on a stranger blog. Actually I was browsing Google Image search for something completely different and one of her pics was among the results and I clicked on it and found her blog. It’s fun to read, although she had some poor luck recently.
Those two made the difference. So, here I am.