1. Lorna Brown

    As a Mac user, and aficionado I understand your ‘dislike’ to the cultish brand Apple appears to have acquired. I appreciate fully your annoyance at some loud-mouthed ‘Mac is best’ followers of this cult. As a Mac user who believes people must buy the computer that is right for them regardless of what operating system or logo is on it I too am tired of this ethos. Some people are destined to use Macs, others Windows.
    I am happy however that you feel right holding your newly acquired Mac, a cleansing experience and a sense of belonging.

  2. *grins*
    “I expected there to be some toothing pains, some awkwardness during the transition, some problems and frustrations. But no, none of that. I switched off the Windows laptop, switched on the MacBook and started to be productive almost instantaneously.”
    As a Mac user for 22 years, Mac owner for 17 years and occasional DOS, Windows and Unix user in all those years, I can tell you that it doesn’t work like that the other way around.
    I’ve always preferred Apple for its intuitive user interface and not (just) for the fancy design of the case.

  3. Leo Moll

    Congratulations! I bought my first Mac in December 2009 and actively started to use it in March 2010. Nowadays I’m convinced that I newer owned such a good computer in all of my previus life. Obviously I’m not only using OSX but also Linux and Windows on it. The only difficult thing was becoming aware of the different keyboard layout…
    BTW: I also changed my Job 9 months ago….

    Greetings from an old friend!

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