Who is this "Celeb"?

There are a few sites who managed to sneak around Firefox’ popup blocker. While checking out Yahoo Mail the other day, I got this popup:

I’m reluctant to admit that I have no clue. I heard of Shakira, but as far as I know she’s a Latina and the woman on the pic doesn’t look like one (let’s put aside Michael Jackson for deceiving looks on that matter..). Mariah is most likely Mariah Carey, but who is Britaney? Or is it a typo and they meant Britney? Not that I would recognize her any better – I always mistake her for that Hilton girl. And isn’t Mariah Carey something for older people like – erm – me? I guess if I would show this pic to my intern, she would immediately know who the woman is. And I was soooo looking forward to that free ringtone 🙂

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  1. Non-Shakira fan

    It’s Shakira. If you go to Google Image Search and enter her name, you’ll find that exact image on the second page.

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