Google acqcuired Sketchup

Sketchup Logo@Last, the company behind the easy-to-use 3D software Sketchup, was acquired by Google today. This is actually not very surprising. Sketchup is so far the only widespread, low-cost, commercially available tool to create 3D structures for Google Earth. There’s actually quite a lot of people who buy Sketchup for this sole purpose. However the guys themselves did a funny press release:

Well, about the biggest thing ever: we’ve been Googled. That’s right, Google Inc. has acquired @Last Software… so you might have just spit your coffee all over your keyboard, or you’re rolling your eyes thinking this is another one of my April Fool’s jokes. Believe me, we’re still having a hard time believing it ourselves, but it’s real — we are now Google!

Update: It’s on the Google blog as well (I only saw this now….)

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