eBay-auction end-time affects profit

Scientists from my hometown’s university have found out that eBay-auctions, which end during the day achieve higher profits compared to auctions ending in the evening. Popular belief is that evening-endings are more profitable since more surfers are online. However one needs to take into account that the number of auctions ending after 6pm is significantly … [Read more…]

Google PageRank algorithm uncovered

Philip has managed to reverse-engineer the Google PageRank algorithm and confirmed the fears of all professional webmasters. Though this is satire of course, the interesting point is that there has to be such a piece of code, and that it most likely will look rather similar to the one Philip made up. It would be … [Read more…]

Have fun with wardrivers

Via Gadgetopia: Peter Stevens found out that his neighbours used his wireless network without his permission. Though he should have properly secured it in the first place, he implemented some funny ways to annoy the bandwidth thieves.

Agnitas E-Mail Marketing system as Open Source

Surprisingly offline media can still deliver genuine news to me. The recent issue of Internet World Business contained an article that the renowned German E-Mail Marketing specialist Agnitas has releas their email- and dialog-marketing software package as Open Source (see press release) . Since 1999 Agnitas is among the leading companies worldwide to provide email … [Read more…]

WordPress users – check your settings!

By DrDave: If you are running WordPress as your blogging platform and if you have been trusting enough to leave User registration enabled for guests, DISABLE IT IMMEDIATELY (in wp-admin >> options: make sure “Anyone can register” is not checked). Thanks Jona.

New Joomla vulnerabilities

Will they ever get it right? Again there is a new vulnerability targeting Joomla (the CMS formerly known as Mambo) sites. Don’t these guys learn? Mambo/Joomla has a whole track record of vulnerabilities, and the story of the split-up doesn’t sound reassuring too – yet its becoming more and more popular even among professional webmasters! … [Read more…]

GuitarFX hijacks your browser

I’m on vacation right now. So I began my long planned task of improving my guitar skills with dusting off my electric guitar and putting on new strings. I have not yet cleaned & repaired my amp so I plugged the guitar into the PC and abused it as a makeshift amplifier. This worked surprisingly … [Read more…]

I've seen my first Google Box today

Today was the last day of Jona’s internship at my company. In order to make that last day a bit special we made a field-trip to our ISP. Their building is rather unspectacular and I think I saw a little disappointment on Jona’s face upon entering the slightly worn-out apartment-like building residing in a backyard … [Read more…]