16 years on the net

16 years ago today, I left my first trace on the face of the internet. I was a posting to the Usenet newsgroup sci.crypt, and I was posting in German. Translated, the post reads: I coded a simple encryption algorithm in Turbo-Pascal, whose sole purpose is to secure a few lines of text against the … [Read more…]

20 years Amiga

On July 23, 1985, the Commodore Amiga was officially launched in New York. During the launch party, Andy Warhol did live image manipulation of portraits of Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie. The Commodore Amiga introduced 16bit technology to home computers. Due to its extended use of specialized circuitry for dedicated tasks like music generation … [Read more…]

In memoriam James Doohan

I just heard the news that James Doohan has passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Doohan became famous for acting the role of “Mr. Scott”, the engineer of the USS Enterprise starship in the TV series “Star Trek”. Doohan – or better – Scotty – was one of the heroes of my childhood. … [Read more…]

Coming of age in Cyberspace

I’m seeing the potential danger that this blog becomes yet-another-searchengine-blog. That’s not what I have in mind, even though search engines play an important role in my (business) life. This blog is about getting older in cyberspace. Its working title was actually “coming of age in cyberspace” – but that sounded a bit silly for … [Read more…]