Kyrill vs. Fiddler's Green

On Thursday night I should have been on the fourth concert of the new “Drive Me Mad!” tour by Fiddler’s Green in Cologne. I intended to go there by train, so I would be able to drink a beer and might even catch some sleep on the way back. Hurricane Kyrill didn’t like these plans, … [Read more…]

Woman Acceptance Factor

Since it was only present in the German Wikipedia, I created a translation for the English Wikipedia: The Woman Acceptance Factor (WAF) is the playful estimation of the acceptance or refusal of a new acquisition by the significant other. It relies on the cliché that men are driven by a certain geekyness when it comes … [Read more…]


I don’t know where Dirk found this list, but for summing up the year it seems an adequate collection. So here we go: Gained or lost weight? Gained – but stable now Longer or shorter hair? No change Nearsighted or farsighted? Recent check showed increased nearsightedness – as a result I got new fancy glasses … [Read more…]

Through the fog at 300 km/hour

I had a speaking engagement in Frankfurt the last two days, and I decided to take the ICE train. The ride to Frankfurt was nonstop and took exactly 99 minutes, at a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), and since we started rather early the better part of the journey was during sunrise. About … [Read more…]


I’m sorry, this only works in German. But maybe you get the joke when I tell you that the German word for ballpen is “Kugelschreiber”. Thanks to Jörg who came up with this spontaneously when he saw the pen lying around at my desk. If you ever need a translator English/German/German/English get a quote from … [Read more…]

There's justice in the world after all

I was really angry and personally disappointed last May when a co-worker, who was new to the industry and got all his teaching at our company, quit and joined a competitor. Yesterday I learned that he has jumped horses again. Good riddance!