I released my music tracks under CC

A couple of years ago I was first confronted with the task to create a small (educational/promotional) video. Since I am working with Adobe Premiere since version 4.2 the production of the video was not a big task. But since it was to be used for commercial purposes, the soundtrack was the real difficult part … [Read more…]

New Joomla vulnerabilities

Will they ever get it right? Again there is a new vulnerability targeting Joomla (the CMS formerly known as Mambo) sites. Don’t these guys learn? Mambo/Joomla has a whole track record of vulnerabilities, and the story of the split-up doesn’t sound reassuring too – yet its becoming more and more popular even among professional webmasters! … [Read more…]

GuitarFX hijacks your browser

I’m on vacation right now. So I began my long planned task of improving my guitar skills with dusting off my electric guitar and putting on new strings. I have not yet cleaned & repaired my amp so I plugged the guitar into the PC and abused it as a makeshift amplifier. This worked surprisingly … [Read more…]

I've seen my first Google Box today

Today was the last day of Jona’s internship at my company. In order to make that last day a bit special we made a field-trip to our ISP. Their building is rather unspectacular and I think I saw a little disappointment on Jona’s face upon entering the slightly worn-out apartment-like building residing in a backyard … [Read more…]

Bodenständig 2000 sound bites updated

Due to the Warholian 15-minutes-fame moment of my Bodenständig 2000 iTunes post and its appearance on BoingBoing, the artists decided to put some more songs available for download onto their webpage. Everybody who thinks they are making neo-nazi rock can listen to it and hopefully see how wrong this assumption is. I’m still trying to … [Read more…]

Bodenständig 2000 are opting out of iTunes

Take this, Steve: iTunes now without Bodenstandig 2000 My friend Bernhard of the German bitpop group Bodenständig 2000 sent out an email blast the other day announcing that the band finally managed to opt out of iTunes. Bodenstandig 2000 is not available via Apple’s itunes anymore. Some tracks where available there against our will, but … [Read more…]

Who is this "Celeb"?

There are a few sites who managed to sneak around Firefox’ popup blocker. While checking out Yahoo Mail the other day, I got this popup: I’m reluctant to admit that I have no clue. I heard of Shakira, but as far as I know she’s a Latina and the woman on the pic doesn’t look … [Read more…]

All along the chilltower

The other day I’ve been to Dresden, or more exactly to Radebeuel, known as the birthplace of Karl May, the German writer of Wild West novels. I had to host a training in a depressingly hot room with lots of PC equipment and beamers and 11 attendees plus my colleague and myself. The schedule allowed … [Read more…]