Katrina and the waves, part 2

Well, Ms. Leskanich at least has heard of the hurrican: This website contains information on Katrina Leskanich: vocalist, songwriter and recording artist. If you are looking for information on Hurricane Katrina, and how you can help the relief effort, please CLICK HERE to visit the website of the American Red Cross Had I hoped for … [Read more…]

Finally! Staging for Typo3!

It’s TYCon3 – the first Typo3 conference ever – and I didn’t go. In fact I’m still miffed that they declined my lecture, but the real reason is that I suffer from a huge workload and actually NEED my weekends… Fortunately, Kai is there and gives a short report on his blog. The biggest news … [Read more…]

New Typo3 Logo

The newly found Typo3 design team has come up with a custom font and a new logo for Typo3. I’m surprised in a positive way about the logo, mostly because the search for a mascot looked more like a freak show…

Of old recordings

Molly wrote a bit about some professional music recordings she did several years ago. Even though I was not in the right mood for this type of music, it made me remember about some music I did in the past. Unfortunately I can’t compete with Molly when it comes to talent and skills with an … [Read more…]

Google OS?

Brett over at webmasterworld.com has found a Japanese(?) Website featuring what looks like an operating system from Google. My Japanese ist not quite – ahem – fluent, but the general opinion is that it is rather a conceptual study.